80s Wild Child Costume – Madonna

Madonna 80s Costumes for Women

The 80s Wild Child costume borrows its look from Madonna in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan. This highly popular costume is perfect for 1980s dress-up, and includes the Bolero jacket, top, layered skirt, gloves and bow headband. Some suppliers also include the lace leggings, and one costume includes dungarees, which I’ll come to in a moment. In most cases, four sizes are available up to Large (16-18).

However, if you are after plus size 20-22, 24-26 then you’ll need the Fun Shack 80s Pop Star Costume

To complete your look, I recommend adding the Wild Child Wig.

Cheapest 80s Wild Child Costume

One of the cheapest outfits I could find is being sold by SoWest on Amazon. It’s excellent value and available in a full range of sizes for women from 6 to 18. However, as with the other costumes available, please note that it does NOT include the wig (only a bow headband) or the crucifix necklace

However, I also recommend checking out ebay if you want the very best price, as there are oodles of suppliers selling brand new wild child costumes.

Best 80s Wild Child Costume

Although Madonna often wore lace accessories in the 80s, such as the leggings featured in the outfits above, she actually wore trousers in the movie. Therefore, you may prefer this costume which actually is the most authentic, given that it includes trousers instead of a skirt – they are actually dungarees which double up as a top. This item is available in sizes up to 18.

Official Desperately Seeking Susan Poster

Don’t forget to add your wig and other accessories such as black jelly bracelets and a cross necklace to complete your look;

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