Best Nun Costumes under £10

Cheap nun costumes for adults

Is it really possible to buy a decent but cheap nun costume for under £10? You bet it is, and I have found you a fabulous selection of hand-picked, low cost costumes below with great customer feedback. Please note that the prices can change at any time and I cannot guarantee they will stay under £10, but hopefully they will!

My Top Choice

Price: £7.99
Was: £14.99

This complete nun outfit for women by the UK’s leading fancy dress supplier Smiffy’s is a bargain in terms of price and positive customer reviews. There are four sizes available from 8 to 22, although the price does vary slightly with each size. Includes the dress, belt and headdress. The crucifix is not included, although they are very cheap to buy.

I also recommend viewing the nun costumes on ebay. Here you’ll find a huge range of very cheap, brand new outfits from top costume suppliers.

Women's Nun Costume £6.99Women’s Nun Costume £6.99fancypanda

Best Nun Costume under £5

Price: £3.19
Was: £3.99

Okay, so this isn’t a complete costume, but if you’re really on a tight budget or you’re looking for a group dress-up idea (maybe a hen party), then this option will be of interest. This nun kit includes just a headpiece and collar, but if you wear a black top/dress, then you’re ready to party!

Funny Pregnant Nun Costume

Pregnant Nun Costume for AdultsPregnant Nun CostumeIf you like your costumes to be funny but controversial, then this one is the perfect choice for you. It’s available in five sizes from 10 to 22, and includes and inflatable pregnant belly. Sadly, the price of  doesn’t include delivery, but it’s still good value, nonetheless. Another option is to purchase an inflatable belly separately and add it to the nun costume of your choice.

Zombie Nun Costume

Zombie Nun CostumeAlthough it’s just above a tenner at £11.88, this Zombie Sister outfit by Smiffy’s is the cheapest I could find, and , unlike most nun costumes, actually includes the cross necklace. You’ll receive the habit with black belt and headpiece, which features ripped effect edging, and also fake blood. Complete your look by zombifying your face using white face paint.

I also wanted to show you this zombie nun costume which is receiving rave reviews. It’s available in five sizes from 8 to 18, and includes the blood-spattered dress, headpiece (veil) and cross necklace.