Gingy Costume – Shrek Gingerbread Man

Gingy Gingerbread Man Costume

Have you ever wanted to become Muffin Man’s creation Gingy the gingerbread man biscuit/cookie in the Shrek movies? Well, now you can! The Gingy costume is available for adults and children, and it consists of a jumpsuit and headpiece which can be hand washed.

Unfortunately, the only supplier I could find across the whole web is Disguise on Amazon, so I can’t offer you any price or product comparisons.

Firstly, let me make it clear that the costume is not cheap. In fact, it’s pretty expensive! However, it is a well-made, deluxe costume and looks really authentic. Plus, the outfit is a very unique choice, and the chances of anyone else wearing this outfit are almost zilch!

This outfit is ideal for not just a Shrek themed play, party or event, but it could be used for a child’s birthday or Christmas party, a food theme, or a Christmas theme, with gingerbread being popular at this time of year.

So, why not dress-up as Gingy and run around shouting “Run, run, run, as fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!”, annoying the hell out of everyone in the process!

Here are all the options available…

Adult Shrek Gingy Deluxe CostumeAdult Shrek Gingy Deluxe CostumeGingy Deluxe Costume for KidsGingy Deluxe Costume for KidsShrek Gingy Cardboard Face MaskShrek Gingy Cardboard Face MaskShrek Cardboard Masks Set (Pack of 6)Shrek Cardboard Masks Set (Pack of 6)

Gingy T-shirt

If you would just like to show your love for Gingy, then you may like this official T-shirt which comes in a full range of sizes…

Gingy T-shirt for Women - S to XXLGingy T-shirt for Women – S to XXLGingy T-shirt for Men - S to XXLGingy T-shirt for Men – S to XXL