Zombie Cheerleader Costumes

Zombie Cheerleader Outfits

Prepare for a terrifying Cheerleading experience with these gruesome cheerleader zombie outfits for girls and adult ladies. Let me show you the cheapest and best-rated costumes.

Best Rated Zombie Cheerleader Costume for Girls

This reasonably-priced outfit is receiving a healthy does of positive feedback from customers and is available in four sizes for ages 5 to 12 years. Includes a blood-stained, American style cheerleader dress with pom poms.

Best Zombie Cheerleader Outfit for Children

Cheapest Zombie Cheerleader Costumes

By far, the cheapest outfit I could find is this blue one for ladies which comes in one size 10-14. However, it does not include the pom poms, unfortunately, which are around the same price as the costume, essentially doubling the cost!

Cheap Zombie Cheerleader Costume for Women

However, I thoroughly recommend checking out the zombie cheerleader costumes on ebay, because here you’ll find some of the lowest prices on the web. By the way, these are brand new items.

This red outfit by Blue Planet Fancy Dress includes the pom poms and a tube of fake blood, making it exceptional value. It’s also receiving very positive feedback from customers, so this is my top choice for best value zombie cheerleader costume. This one comes in two sizes 10-14 and 14-16.

Red Zombie Cheerleader Dress for women with pom poms and fake blood

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