Best Cow Costume Ideas for Kids

Cow Costumes for Children

Cows are great aren’t they? I mean, we wouldn’t have two of my favourite foods, cheese and ice cream, without them – dread the thought! They can be cute, too, especially in the form of a cow costume or onesie, which are both ideal for girls or boys.

This idea is a nice alternative choice for kids. It can be used for animal, farm or even cowboy themed dress-up. Whether you looking for an outfit for dress-up at home, or a costume for a school play or a party, I will help you make the right choice.

So let’s get moovin’ and explore these udderly fantastic costumes – sorry, I just had to slip those in!

Firstly, you will find a huge range of very competitively priced cow fancy dress items on ebay. These are brand new outfits from top suppliers, so it’s well worth taking a gander.

Cow and Gingham Fabric Tutu Skirt - how gorgeous is this!Cow and Gingham Fabric Tutu Skirt – how gorgeous is this!Cow and Gingham Fabric Tutu Skirt - how gorgeous is this!

Well how pretty is this fabric tutu skirt which I found at Etsy? It’s idea for adding the finishing touch to any cowgirl costume or western themed birthday party.
Brown and white cow costume for kids by Charlie Crow
Brown and White Cow Costuem for KidsWith most cow fancy dress costumes being black and white, this brown and white outfit for kids is a refreshing change. Because it is sleeveless, the wearer will also be less sweaty. The costume is supplied by Charlie Crow, who specialise in children’s fancy dress, and the price is very reasonable at £13.00. A black and white cow costume is also available.

Cow Onesies

Cow Jumpsuit for Kids - brown and whiteBrown and White Cow Jumpsuit Costume for Kids by Charlie CrowFor a more complete look, you may prefer this cow jumpsuit also by Charlie Crow. Priced at £20.50 ,this one comes in three sizes for ages 4-6, 6-8 and 8-10 years. It includes an attached hood and mittens and a tail.

Soft and fluffy cow onesie for kidsSoft and fluffy cow onesie for kidsThis high quality, soft and fluffy cow onesie is available in three sizes from ages 7 to 12 years, and is a nice price at £19.99. For a girl, it makes a nice change from the usual unicorn and Disney themes, and It’s ideal for cute dress-up at home.

Cheapest Cow Costumes

If you have an eye for a bargain, then you will like these…Low cost hooded cow onesie for kidsLow cost hooded cow onesie for kidsWhile not as high quality as the previous hooded onesie, this is almost half the price at £7.23. It’s available for a full range if ages from 5 to 13 years. While it’s described as being for a girl, I see no reason why a boy could not wear it, too.

Cow headband (ears and horns) with tail for children's dress-upCow ears, horns and tail set for kidsAt just £4.05 , this cow set with headband and tail is as cheap as you’ll find anywhere. It’s perfect for budget-priced dressing up.

Cute Cow Tutu Costume for GirlsCow Tutu Costume for GirlsAs you can see, you can also buy the same set with a pretty tutu skirt for £8.81, and I’m sure any girl will love this!

Cow Costume for BabiesCow Costume for babyOkay, it’s time for a cuteness alert! Yep, it doesn’t get any cuter than this! This soft and comfy cow costume for a baby is also ideal for use as a photo prop. Priced at just £5.79, it’s cheap, too, so what’s not to like?

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