Best Funny Mask Ideas for Adults

Funny Masks for Adults

Now there is a fine line between funny and creepy, as you will see with some of the funny mask ideas featured below. But sometimes, a mask which is supposed to be scary is so bad that you can only laugh!

Kim Jong Un Mask

Kim Jong Un Mask - natural latex

Well, it would be difficult not to be amused by this one! Out of all the Kim Jong Un Masks I’ve seen, this one is my favourite. The price of is £12.99 reasonable, and the very authentic features and a permanent grin make this my top choice. Plus the fact that it’s made from natural latex, so it doesn’t smell of petrol, like many masks these days.

Funny Alien Head Mask

Funny Alien Head Mask

Okay, so this is me first thing in the morning! This one is supposed to be creepy, but I just can’t stop laughing at it, and the expression reminds me of Beaker from The Muppets. Not only is this mask great value at just £9.99, but it also glows in the dark. The only downside is that it has a chemical smell. However, give it a good airing and it will eventually fade.

Poo Head Mask

Well, what a pile of sh** this is – quite literally! Priced at £9.99, you’ll be able to kick up a stink without breaking the bank!

Cheesy Super Hero Mask

Grinning Super Hero Half Mask

Become a cheesy, grinning superhero and save the world from whatever! This Super Dude Mask is available at for £4.99. Just add a superhero cape and you’re ready to party!

Funny Gold Fish Mask

Goldfish head mask for adults

Now this is a quirky choice, and with those gorgeous big lips, you’ll have people queuing up for a big sloppy kiss! It’s a tad expensive at Out of stock, but it looks great, and actually looks even funnier from the front.

Chimpanzee Mask

Funny Chimpanzee Mask for Adults - eco friendly latexFunny Chimpanzee Monkey Mask
Become a cheeky monkey and drive everyone bananas in this eco-friendly, top quality chimpanzee mask. Priced at Out of stock, the mask is hand-made and features fake fur. Add an inflatable banana for extra fun.

Silly Cow Mask

Silly Cow Natural Mask for AdultsSilly Cow Mask for Adults
Is this creepy or funny? Pull the udder one, it’s definitely the latter! However, it’s not recommended for entertaining kids, unless you want to empty the room quickly, of course! Priced at just Out of stock, the cow mask great value, and is made from non-toxic, natural latex.

But you’ll have have great fun posing in this mask – just don’t milk it!

Silly Hamburger Mask

Silly Hamburger MaskFunny Hamburger Mask

Well, a mask doesn’t get much sillier than this, does it? It’s a hamburger with protruding eyes and an over-sized tongue – it’s totally bonkers! If you want a mask that is unique, then this is most definitely for you, and it costs just £9.99. What’s not to like?

Moose Head Mask

Funny Moose Head Mask for AdultsThere’s a moose loose aboot this hoose! You may well not remember that old song from 1958, but I’ve always wanted to refer to it in my writing, and now I have – finally! Anyway, this silly red-haired moose mask is another fun animal-themed idea, and at under a tenner (as I write), it’s pretty low cost, too. I haven’t seen this at any other site apart from Amazon, so it’s also a unique choice.

The Seven Dwarfs Happy Mask

The Seven Dwarfs Happy MaskThe Seven Dwarfs Doc Mask

What could me more cheerful than wearing a happy mask? This soft moulded mask which is licensed from Disney is available from for £7.99. Doc is also available. These are guaranteed to put a smile on people’s faces.

Well, I hope you like my choices. Just remember to have fun, whichever funny mask you choose.

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