Best Pac-Man Fancy Dress Costumes

Six Pac-Man Costumes

Pac-Man was one of the best-known video games to come out of the 80s, and the game (and it’s many hundreds of clones) is still highly popular today. The manic maze chase was first launched into the arcades during 1980 by Namco. A Pac-Man fancy dress costume ideal for 80s and gaming themed events, and also a fun idea for a carnival.

There are several different outfit options availabale, but some of them are not very good. So, in this post, I will show you which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.

Official Pac-Man Costume

Pac-Man Costume for Adults

I want to start with this official costume, which is actually the best choice. Made from foam, it’s a simple costume, but very reasonably priced, and straightforward to wear.

3D Pac-Man Fancy Dress Costume

3D Pac-Man CostumeThis next one is not recommended. Despite the outfit looking great in the picture, in reality the costume looks deflated (as you will be if you buy it!), and is certainly not a speherical shape. No gloves are included, either. Definitely one to avoid!

Deluxe 3D Pac-man Costume

Luxury 3D Pac-Man Costume

Now, this costume is mightily expensive , but it can be worn either with your head sticking out of the top, or concealed. Unfortunately, the problem with the previous 3D costume where it does not form a spherical shape, also applies to this costume, despite the much higher price. So I do not recommend buying this at all, unless you enjoy being disappointed.

For almost half the price, you can buy this inflatable Pac-Man costume at

Shadow (Blinky) Red Ghost Costume

Pac-Man Blinky Ghost Costume

This is a decent costume, although it is pretty large which makes it a little awkward to wear. Nonetheless, the price is low for a fancy dress costume and it’s ideal for an alternative 80s theme.

I found these two suppliers at Amazon so that you can compare prices. All four Ghost Costumes (Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde) are available at, although they look slightly different and are more expensive.

Kids Deluxe Pac-Man Costume

Kids Deluxe Pac-Man CostumeKids Deluxe Pac-Man CostumeNow this is quite a decent costume, although the price of £42.47 at Amazon is excessive. Sadly, it’s the only supplier I could find, so if you really need a child’s Pacman costume, then you’ll either have to part with your cash or just forget it!

Pac-Man Inky Ghost Poncho

Blue Inky Ghost Poncho

This Inky Poncho is ideal for festivals, but you could also use it as a budget-priced costume. A red Blinky Poncho is also available, although for some reason is considerably more expensive at £8.71

Well, that’s the end of my Pac-Man Fancy Dress post. I hope you have found it useful, at least.

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