Create a Moss from The IT Crowd Costume

Moss from IT Crowd Costume

In this post, I’m going to show you how to become the geeky IT technician Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd. Played brilliantly by Richard Ayoade, the socially awkward character is most definitely my favourite of the three main characters. A Moss costume would be perfect for a geek or technology themed event/party.

Before I start, take a look at this image which will give you a better idea of the look you need to go for…

My friend’s Moss costume from the IT crowd. His real hair! from r/pics

Maurice Moss Wig and Glasses Set
Moss IT Crows Wig and Glasses SetThis Moss afro Wig and Glasses Set is perfect for creating your look. However, at £29.95, it’s rather expensive, and you can buy the items separately for less. Nonetheless, the wig has the right balance of volume.

Afro Wig for Maurice Moss LookAfro Wig for Maurice Moss Costume

Many afro wigs are too voluminous at the back and sides for creating a Moss look, but this 70s disco dude wig (Priced at £8.22) is just about perfect. You will, of course, need to style it to add the extreme side parting.

Rectangular black framed geek glasses for Maurice Moss lookRectangular Black Frame Geek GlassesThese rectangular, black framed glasses with plain lenses are perfectly Moss-like. They’re available from Eyewear World on Amazon for just £5.99

Next, we need to find a brown check shirt.Charles Wilson Brown Gingham Checked ShirtCharles Wilson Gingham Checked ShirtThis checked gingham shirt by Charles Wilson is pretty similar and available in sizes from S to 3XL.

Now we need a wide brown 70s style tie with diagonal stripes, or even just a plain brown one would suffice.

Finally, add some regular fit (not slim fit) brown trousers. If you have a pair of Chinos to hand, then these would be ideal.

That completes your Moss costume. Have fun being socially awkward!

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