Create a Run DMC Costume

Run DMC Fancy Dress Costume Accessories

Creating a Run DMC costume will be very expensive or relatively cheap, depending on which clothing items you choose. S let me show you how to create the perfect outfit.

Run DMC were a hugely influential hip hop group that were popular back in the 80s. They helped bring hip hop music and fashion to the mainstream, and certainly helped boost sales of Adidas sportswear.

You can become any of the three band members; Joseph Simmon, Jason Mizell or the one with the glasses, Darryl McDaniels, as they all adopted a very similar fashion style.

Blue Adidas Tracksuit Jacket for Run DMC CostumeAdidas Original Retro Tracksuit Top

80s Adidas Tracksuit Top with retro logoAdidas Originals Tracksuit

Firstly, you’ll need a retro Adidas tracksuit with the classic three leaf trefoil, or just the top, which you can wear with blue jeans. Now, they’re not cheap, and a much cheaper option is to wear a Run DMC T-shirt instead.

The group wore a variety of different coloured Adidas full tracksuits, or sometimes just jackets with jeans. For our look we need to stick with Adidas Originals. This Adidas Superstar jacket is the most authentic, given that it had the correct logo and a small collar. It comes in three colours, and black or navy would be the best choice.

Run DMC Logo T-shirt

A big choice of tees are available at Amazon. I’ve picked out my top choices below. You could also wear this under a tracksuit top.

White Adidas Trainers

Retro Adidas Trainers White for Run DMC costume80s Style White Adidas Trainers

These Adidas Superstar trainers would be an authentic choice. To look like a hip-hop star, take out the laces and pull the tongue upwards.

Kangol Hat

Kangol Bermuda Bucket Hat

Ton complete your look you need a black Kangol trilby or bucket hat. Priced at £35.00, this Kangol Bermuda bucket hat is the real deal!

Run DMC Costume Accessories

Run DMC Fancy Dress Accessories SetRun DMC Costume Accessories Set

This Run DMC costume accessories set with trilby hat, gold chain, inflatable boombox and glasses is perfect for completing your look. The square framed glasses will allow you to become Darryl McDaniels, and with the fake microphone you can let everyone hear your rapping skills! In my case, I will also need to hand everyone a set of ear plugs!

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