Geek Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Geek Fancy Dress Costumes for Adults

Creating a geek/nerd look is actually pretty simple, and in this post I’m going to show you. There are plenty of ready-made geek fancy dress costume choices available, too, which I will also explore.

For a quick and easy geek look you’ll need a pair of black frame glasses, bow tie and a tank top.Black frame geek glasses

Geek Costumes for Men

Maths Geek Costume for MenMaths Geek Costume for MenPriced at £9.99 for the large size, this maths geek costume is great value and includes a green tank top with a Maths Club Leader badge, yellow bow tie and funny goggle glasses.Nerd Geek Centre Parting Wig for MenNerd Centre Parting WigAdd this nerd centre parting wig to complete your look. It’s low price of £6.92 won’t dent the budget too much.

Blue Argyle Tank Top for Men's Geek CostumeAn Argyle tank top is suitably geeky, and I’ve picked out this one for its low price of £10.99, and because it comes in six colour choices.

Why not add this “I Love Science” button badge to add some extra nerd factor.

Scroll down the page for glasses and bow ties.

Moss IT Crowd Costume

Geek Fancy Dress Costumes for Women

Geek Scoolgirl Fancy Dress CostumeLadies Geek Fancy Dress CostumeThis geek schoolgirl costume is made exclusively by Morph Costumes and is excellent value at just £9.95. It comes in three sizes, too.

Pink Geek Costume for WomenPink Geek Costume for WomenIf you’ve ever wanted to become a pink geek then now is your chance! This glam geek set includes glasses, braces and a tie. The price of is £5.78 very decent, but please note that the pink skirt is not included.Pink Tartan Skirt for Geek Fancy DressWhy not add this pink tartan skirt which comes in a full range of sizes from small to 3XL.

I Love Nerds Costume for Women

This I Love Nerds outfit makes it very clear what you are dressed as. Priced at £23.85 ,it comes in 4 sizes from 8 to 16, and includes the dress (skirt with attached T-shirt and fake braces) and a bow tie. However, you will need to add your own white socks, glasses and a schoolgirl wig.

White over-the-knee schoolgirl geek socks for womenWhite over the knee school girl socksWhite over the knee socksThese white over-the-knee socks are perfect for completing your geek fancy dress look and cost just £1.47

Geek Glasses

Black Frame Nerd Glasses

I particularly like this pair of plain lens geek glasses which you can buy for the amazingly low price of £1.38 from Amazon. The customer feedback is very positive, too.Round Lens Geek Glasses

Round Lens Clear Glasses

You may prefer round lenses which will give you the look of a highly intelligent person such as a scientist. Sadly, they won’t turn you into Einstein, though! Round lens glasses are more expensive, and this pair is £9.90 from Amazon. But they are very highly rated and come in a choice of colours.

Round Nerd Glasses

For full comedy effect, add this pair of round bug eye glasses.Geek Costume Accessories Set - black frame glasses, bow tie and bracesGeek Costume SetThis geek costume set is a good buy at Out of stock, and includes thick frame glasses, bow tie and braces. Please note that the glasses have no lens, but this will save you the hassle of cleaning them, at least!Black geek glasses and rainbow bow tie set.Black geek glasses and rainbow bow tie setThis set is even better value at just £3.84, and includes a colourful and very geeky bow-tie.

Bow Ties for Geeks

The geekiest looking bow ties feature polka dots, tartan/plaid and clown-like multiple colours.

Men’s checkered cotton bow tieMen’s checkered cotton bow tiePink Tartan Bow TiePink Tartan Bow TieAdults Bow Tie RainbowAdults Bow Tie RainbowPolka Dot Bow Tie for GeeksPolka Dot Bow Tie for Geeks

This tartan geek costume set is ideal for both men and women, and the price is only £5.99

Tartan Geek Costume Set

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