Mr Blobby Costume

Mr Blobby Fancy Dress Costume

The inflatable Mr Blobby costume is a fun choice for men or women. If you’re old enough to remember the 90s, then you will certainly remember Mr Blobby from Noel’s House Party. The clumsy but loveable pink bulbous character with his fixed grin, wobbly eyes and yellow polka dots, made millions laugh back in the day by simply tripping over everything and saying “blobby” every few seconds! Indeed, he became so popular that that he even reached No.1 in the UK singles chart during 1993.

This unisex costume is particularly ideal for 1990s dress-up, carnivals, and entertaining kids at a birthday party.Inflatable Mr Blobby Costume for AdultsInflatable Mr Blobby Costume for Adults

There are numerous suppliers selling Mr Blobby fancy dress outfits. The inflatable costume is one size fits all, and the cheapest supplier I could find is on Amazon for Out of stock. Included are the pink gloves and a battery operated fan. The costume features a zip at the rear and can be sponge cleaned.

For the very best price, I recommend visiting ebay. You can compare prices at Amazon below…

Of course, there were also plenty of haters out there, and Blobby received a lot of negative comments from the media. The character once featured in a “10 most irritating television characters” list by The Independent newspaper. Despite what the critics say, I certainly miss watching Noel Edmonds in the 90s, and also being still young and in my 20s, of course!

Rear view of Mr Blobby Costume

The rear view of the Mr Blobby Outfit.

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