Popeye Fancy Dress Costumes

Popeye Fancy Dress Costumes

Become Popeye the sailor man and save Olive Oyl from his muscle-bound arch-rival, Bluto (also known as Brutus). I can’t provide the spinach to give you rippling muscles, but I can show you a full range of Popeye fancy dress costumes from leading suppliers. This outfit is ideal for cartoon, retro and nautical themed dress-up.

Cheapest Popeye Costume

Cheap Popeye The Sailor Man CostumeCheap Popeye The Sailor Man Costume for MenThere are many suppliers selling the standard outfit (up to 42″ chest), but I have picked out Henbrandt on Amazon for their low price of £12.83 and positive feedback. It includes the top, trousers, hat and muscle arm pieces with anchor logos.

I also suggest adding a pipe for a more complete look. If you’re on a tight budget, then a low-cost, straight bar plastic pipe will suffice. You can also opt for a more authentic corncob pipe, although the price is around five times higher.

Mid-Range Costume

Popeye Costume for MenAdults Popeye Fancy Dress CostumeThis mid-range costume looks a little better in terms of styling, and the price of £23.88 is still very reasonable. Three sizes are available for 42″ to 50″ chest. Included is a shirt with attached belt and the trousers. However, the arms are not pre-stuffed, and a pipe and spinach are not included.

Officially Licensed Popeye Costume

Offiially Licensed Popeye Costume for AdultsOfficially Licensed Popeye Costume for AdultThis official costume by Rubie’s is the most expensive option on the page at £39.09 , but is it worth shelling out the extra cash for?

Well, it certainly looks the part, although the felt pipe is a let down and the trousers are, for some reason, very long. Long is better than short, though, as the problem can be fixed by simply turning them up and sticking a pin in them.

Unlike the previous costume, the arms are pre-stuffed. Two sizes are available for 38″ to 48″ chest.

Toddler’s Popeye Fancy Dress

Toddler's Infant Popeye CostumeYes, your little one(s) can join in the fun, too! This cute infant’s costume costs £19.92 and comes in two sizes and includes a sailor shirt with anchor tattoo, muscle arms, square back collar flap, trousers, belt and sailor hat.

Inflatable Popeye Costume

This is a fun alternative, and this larger than life, waterproof costume is particularly ideal for carnivals. Add this low-cost doughboy hat to complete your look.

Inflatable Popeye Fancy Dress Costume


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