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Princess Fiona Fancy Dress

For this post, I’m going to find you the best deals on both the women’s and girls Princess Fiona costume.

Fiona first appeared in the original 2001 Shrek film. She went from a beautiful princess to an ugly ogre due to a curse, which left her desperate to find a prince to kiss and break the spell. However, instead she fell in love with another ogre named Shrek, who she married.

Princess Fiona from Shrek (2001)
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Girl’s Princess Fiona Costume

Girl's Princess Fiona CostumeThe outfit by Smiffy’s is available widely across the web, but I found the best deals on Amazon for £18.39 and ebay. It includes the dress, wig and ears on a tiara headband. Three sizes are available for ages 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12.

Toddler’s Deluxe Costume

You may prefer this officially licensed deluxe costume by Rubie’s for toddlers aged 2-4. The image shows an older child (no other image is available for whatever reason!), but it’s the same costume as shown, only a lot smaller, obviously! Includes is a dress with royal pattern and coordinating belt, and the ears on a headband.

Cheapest Princess Fiona Costume for Women

Cheap Princess Fiona Costume Shrek
Cheapest Princess Fiona Costume £22

This unofficial costume is around half the price of the original costume at George by Asda. The customer feedback is also very positive. However, the outfit does not include a wig, but does include the headband. Please also note that the item is not in stock all year round.

Official Ladies Princess Fiona Outfit

Official Ladies Princess Fiona from Shrek CostumeOfficial Ladies Princess Fiona from Shrek Costume

The best prices on the official women’s costume (which includes a wig) can be found on Amazon for £41.98 and ebay. The costume is substantially more expensive than the child’s costume on all fancy dress sites across the web.

Princess Fiona Accessories

These accessories will help you to complete or enhance your costume.

Green Face Paint

To complete your look, add green face paint to your face, upper chest, hands, and lower legs and feet, although you may wish to forget the hands if you don’t want everything you touch to turn an unsavoury green!

Princess Fiona Face Mask

This photo quality card face mask is an official product.

Princess Fiona Wig

You can compare prices on the official and unofficial wigs below…

That completes this post, which I hope you have found helpful.

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