Statue of Liberty Costume Ideas

Statue of Liberty Outfits

If you’re looking for an American, Independence Day or World theme, or maybe a unique costume idea, then a Statue of Liberty costume is an awesome choice.

The copper statue represents the Roman Goddess, Libertas, who stands proud on Liberty Island in New York City. It was created by sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, and was given as a gift by France on October 28th 1886. It was built by Gustave Eiffel, who, of course, is best known for the Eiffel Tower.

Best Value Statue of Liberty Costume for Adults

This costume by JCH Products on Amazon is my top choice in terms of value for money and styling. Included are the dress, headpiece and the torch, and it will fit up to size 18. Please note that the torch is not included with other costumes, so this is excellent value.

Women's Statue of Liberty CostumeBut if you can do without the torch, then this outfit (size 10-14) is the best-rated and lowest priced at just £18.55

Cheapest Statue of Liberty Costume

Miss Liberty Kit £15.99Miss Liberty Kit £15.99

There are actually a few suppliers selling cheaper alternatives which are not available at Amazon.

For instance, although only a half costume, the Miss Liberty Kit at is good value and includes the shirt, crown and torch. It also come in four sizes. The low cost of this outfit makes it ideal for group dress-up or anyone on a tight budget.

And I also thoroughly recommend browsing the costumes on ebay, as there are literally dozens of suppliers selling brand new items at very competitive prices.

Best Costume for Kids

Child's Statue of Liberty CostumeChild's Statue of Liberty Costume

This is the most attractive and authentic-looking outfit for girls, and it comes in three sizes; medium, large or X-large. Unfortunately, the prices varies greatly between the different sizes, although the X-large is the cheapest at £27.99

Cheapest Costume for girls

Child Statue of Liberty Costume £16.99Child Statue of Liberty Costume £16.99

However, you may prefer this alternative costume which, as I write, is being sold for £16.99 at

Plus Size Costume

Sadly, as is the case with many plus size outfits, the price is substantially higher than the standard sized item. This costume is available in 3 plus sizes, and includes the mint green dress, headpiece and torch.

Well, that’s the end of my post. All that’s left is for you to raise your torch and celebrate – have fun!