These Donald Trump Costumes are Hilarious!

Two Donald Trump Costumes

Now, you don’t need me to tell you that Mr. Trump is angry and orange, and hardly a day goes by without the U.S. president throwing his toys out of the pram about something!

When it comes to funny Donald Trump costume choices, there are several ready-made options available, or you can easily create your own using accessories. For this post, I’m going to take a look at the best costumes available.

Inflatable Baby Donald Trump Costume

Inflatable Baby Trump Costume

Which brings me on to my No.1 costume choice. There is no better costume to portray this than with the inflatable baby trump costume. Available from Escapade at £44.99, you will certainly turn heads wearing this!

Piggy Back Trump Costume

Donald Trump Piggy Back Costume by Morphsuits

Also, just as hilarious, is this Piggy Back Trump costume by Morph Costumes. Priced at £44.99, you will actually find a full range of piggy-back costumes using the link above, including Kim Jong Un – that would be a great idea for a couple.

The only downside to this outfit is that you have to stuff the legs, but that would be easy enough using some old newspapers.

Donald Trump Suit, Tie and Hat
Donald Trump Costume - Suit, cap and pin badge

Donald Trump Costume for MenThis American President costume is basically a Jacket, Tie, Hat & Pin Badge. The wig is not included, which makes the costume a pretty poor buy. If you already have a suit and a plain red or blue tie, then you would be far better off buying a Donald Trump wig and “Make America Great Again” baseball cap and creating your own costume. Or you can add a wig to this costume.

Make America Great Again Baseball Cap RedNow, there are cheaper caps than the one shown here, but they are terrible quality. I’ve chosen this one which is a good quality, but the price of Make America Great Again Baseball Cap£6.85 is still reasonable.

One of the most important aspects is his look is the bronze fake tan. Apply this liberally over your face and leave two panda circles around your eyes.

Donald Trump Mask

Donald Trump Latex Mask

Alternatively, you could buy a latex mask. This is my top choice in terms of likeness and customer feedback. The majority of masks I’ve seen look nothing like Trump, but this one is pretty close, and the price of £12.97 is actually very decent.

This would be a great alternative to a wig, particularly as most wigs are not that good and fiddly to style.Donald Trump WigDonald Trump Wig by Smiffy'sPriced at £10.05, this Donald Trump Wig by Smiffy’s looks suitably ridiculous.

Statue of Liberty Costumes