Rainbow Zippy Costume

Rainbow Zippy Costume

In today’s post, I’m going to show you where to purchase the cheapest Zippy fancy dress costume, saving you a substantial amount of your hard-earned money in the process!

With his oval head, huge blue eyes and that grating voice (thank goodness for that zipper mouth!), Zippy was a part of many people’s childhoods through the 1970s, 80s and into the 90s. He was the most popular puppet character on the ITV kids TV show Rainbow, presented by Geoffrey Hayes. He has since gained a cult following, with fans around the globe.

Zippy was loud and self-absorbed, but funny to watch. If you become the character, you can annoy the hell out of everyone with your impersonation. The costume is ideal for retro themed dress-up, entertaining kids, carnivals, and fun-runs. It’s particularly ideal for the numerous 80s festivals across the UK.

You can compare prices on Amazon above. However, there are numerous fancy dress suppliers selling the same costume on the web, and the prices vary from a whopping £75 to under £50 for the same costume!

The cheapest Zippy costume can be found on ebay. There are a dozen suppliers selling this as a brand new, “buy it now” costume. As I write, the lowest price is £47.90, but this changes regularly. By the way, most of these suppliers have very positive feedback, too.

If you don’t like using ebay, then you can buy a zippy outfit it for £57.90 at Fancydress.com with free delivery, and £55.14 at Partypacks also with free delivery.

The costume includes a bodysuit, gloves & head, and comes with a fly and pockets. It’s not ideal for hot, sunny weather, although, apart from the glorious summer of 2018, more often than not, this won’t be a problem in the UK!

Did you know that Zippy’s voice was provided by two different people? Peter Hawkins provided the voice during the first series of Rainbow in 1972. He was then voiced by Roy Skelton for the rest of the series until 1992. Interestingly, both men also provided voices for the Daleks in Doctor Who.

Zippy’s orange colour represents Geoffrey Hayes favourite football team Dundee United F.C.

If you’re planning on dressing-up with a partner or friend, then you may also be interested in this George Costume. The price is roughly the same, and included is the bodysuit with head and gloves.