Best Pirate Outfits for Boys

Pirate Outfits for Boys

Ahoy, me hearties. There are dozens of pirate themed outfits around these days, but not all of them cut the mustard. So I’m going to find you the very best pirate outfits for boys for the lowest prices.

Pirate-themed parties are very popular these days, and whether you’re hosting a party (maybe with a Pirates Of The Caribbean theme), or you’re kids need to dress-up for a party, a school play or just general dress-up at home, then you’ve come to the right place for ideas.

Best Value Boys Pirate Outfit

Cheap Pirate Outfit for Boys - ages 4 to 12 years

If you want a cheap costume that is also highly rated, then this one is a winner. Priced at £6.79, included is the red and white striped shirt, shorts, belt and headband. Three sizes are available for 4 to 12 years.

Kids Raggy Pirate Costume

Rubie's Official Children's Raggy Pirate Boy - Fancy Dress Costume, 116 cm - Medium, 5-6 Years

My top choice is this outfit by Rubie’s which is available from amazon, which is available in three sizes from 3 to 8 years. Included is the top with faux belt and waistcoat, striped red and black trousers, and a matching striped headpiece. It has great customer feedback, and the price is under £10 as I write, but this is subject to change. The low price means it’s not ideal for dress-up at home, but as a one-off fancy dress costume it’s ideal.

Ragged Pirate £9.99 at

Deluxe Pirate Costume for Boys

Deluxe Pirate Captain Outfit Boys

If you are looking for a top quality pirate costume that isn’t too expensive, then this one is for you. Priced at a very reasonable £20.75, it looks really stylish with the hussar style jacket customer with gold detailing, red trousers with boot style bottoms, and a Jolly Roger pirate hat. The feeback is very positive about the quality. The costume is listed separately for each size.

Ages 3-5

Ages 6-8

Why not add this pirate weapons set which includes a sword, pistol and skull and crossbones eye patch.

Deluxe Pirate Captain Outfit

Deluxe Pirate Captain Costume for Boys

Priced at just £12.10, here is another very decent costume for a low price. Included is a smart jacket, mock waistcoat, trousers, mock ruffle shirt attachment & hat. Three sizes are available for ages 4 to 12 years. Please note that the hook and sword are not included.

Captain Stinker Pirate Costume

Toddler/boys Captain Stinker High Quality Pirate Outfit

This is a real gem of a costume for toddlers and young boys, which is receiving rave reviews from customers. Priced at £16.99, this 4 piece set looks great with the frilly shirt, waistcoat and matching hat and trousers. Three sizes are available for ages 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 3-4 years. It’s available from May’s Clothing Store on Amazon.

Caribbean Buccaneer Outfit for Boys

Caribbean Buccaneer Outfit for Kids

I really like the jacket included with this costume with its faux gold buttons and trim, and skull and crossbones graphic. Priced at £15.98, also included is the hat, cutlass (sword), treasure map, and eye patch. Please note that the trousers and boots are not included.

Age 4-6 years

Complete your look by adding this pirate treasure set with 12 gold coins, 5 jewels and pouch.

Kids Pirate Head Costume

Kids Pirate Head Costume

If you’re looking for something as little different, and also scary, then this is definitely both of those! Available fro £20.99 from, included is a red and white striped tunic with attached Face, and the bicorn Hat.

Kids Pirate Head Costume, medium or large

Jumbo Face Pirate Caribbean Fancy Dress Costume for Child

However, you may also like this alternative costume from Amazon which is available for an amazingly low price of £4.99.

Kids Pirate Captain Fancy Dress Set

Pirate Boy's Captain Costume with Hat, Eyepatch and belt.

Here we have another decent quality costume set that is excellent value. For just Out of stock you will receive a white frilly shirt, black hussar coat, red trousers, boot covers, belt, eyepatch, and black hat with skull and crossbones detail.

Boys Deluxe Pirate Set

Boys Pirate Costume Deluxe Set

This pirate set (age 8-10) is very complete and so no further accessories are required. Customer feedback is also very positive indeed. Included is a shirt, vest, trousers, belt, pirate hat, bandara, eyepatch, sword and boot covers. The price is £17.99 which is very reasonable. Please note that the sword is made from foam, so no damage can be caused by your sword-wielding little pirate! Sadly, no other sizes are available on Amazon, which is a shame.

Kids Cut Throat Halloween Pirate

Kids Cut Throat Horror Pirate Costume for Halloween

This costume from is ideal for a more gory Halloween theme, and the other kids will be green with envy when they see this, and also petrified! The price is £23.99 (as I write) which includes a blood stained shirt, cut off trousers, pirate hat, belt, green horror mask and green hand gloves. Add a pirate sword to complete your look.

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