Inflatable Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Inflatable Costumes for Adults

Some of the most popular and amusing costumes are the inflatables, and I’m going to show you lots of inflatable fancy dress costume ideas. The beauty of these outfits is that not only are they funny, but they are also unisex and often one size fits all, so there’s no worrying about trying to obtain the right size. Simply step into the costume and inflate using the built-in fan. Please note that you will require 4 x AA batteries to power the fan on most items on this page.

These costumes are particularly ideal for carnival floats and parades.

Inflatable Ballerina Costume

Can you imagine the laughs you’ll get when you turn up looking like this? It’s likely to be a huge success (literally!) and there are lots of suppliers selling this one, which means the prices are low. In terms of price and customer satisfaction, my top choice is the costume featured here by Airsuits. The customer feedback is very positive.

Inflatable Hippo Ballerina Costume

Well, it doesn’t get much sillier than this does it? A hippopotamus in a tutu is guaranteed to make even the grumpiest person alive smile, at least! The only downside is the price of £45.52 which is a tad expensive.

Inflatable Dog Biting Human Costume

Inflatable Dog Biting Human Costume Adults

In the real world, of course, a dog biting you on your rear end isn’t funny. But this is damn funny, and a great idea for fancy dress. With its drawstring waist (up to 56 inches), this is an easy to wear costume, and as it doesn’t cover your top half, you won’t have a problem with under arm sweating. The low price of £15.99 is a bonus, too.

Inflatable Cockerel Costume

Inflatable Cockerel Rooster Costume for Adults

Okay, it will be hard to avoid the innuendos with this one, and if you’ve always fancied riding a big bird, then now is your chance!

Okay, so it will be hard to avoid the innuendos with this one, and if you’ve always fancied riding a big bird, in this case a cock(erel), then now is your chance. This is great fun and the price is £27.49 from Amazon.

Inflatable Jetpack/Rocket Costume

Now this is both hilarious and clever, and ideal for any launch party, of course! You’ll have a real blast with this one! The only downside is the price, which is expensive to other costumes on this page. However, it looks fantastic,and if you want something original, then this is for you.

Inflatable Scottish Piper Costume

Inflatable Scottish Piper CostumeGrab your bagpipes and haggis and celebrate everything Scottish with this awesome costume. This is actually the best rated costume on the page by customers. But if anyone asks you what you’re wearing under your kilt, just show them your inflatable!

Inflatable Alien Pick Me Up Costume

Now this is definitely one of the funniest costumes I’ve seen, and you’ll create laughter wherever you go in this one.

Inflatable Chef Costume

Now this is a recipe for success! This outfit is particularly ideal for a food-themed event or to celebrate a chef’s birthday, anniversary etc.

Inflatable Cowboy and Horse Costume

Yee-haw! You’ll have a wild time with this one, and you can fantasise about being John Wayne (yes, I’m showing my age here!) or you’re own favourite cowboy. The price is very reasonable, too.

Inflatable Fancy Dress – Mr Blobby Costume

I miss watching Noel’s House Party on a Saturday evening during the 90s, but you can remind people of just how annoying this character was with this authentic-looking blow-up suit – you’ll be instantly recognisable!

Read my Mr Blobby Costume post for more info and to compare prices.

Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume

This idea is perfect for couples, and you’ll have a great time bouncing off each other! The price on Amazon is the cheapest I’ve seen for this particular outfit., which includes a built-in nappy and sumo hair style.

Inflatable Ride On Dinosaur Costume

If you’ve ever fancied riding on the back of a dinosaur, then now is your chance! This green T Rex style costume comes in three sizes, and you’ll have people roaring with laughter when they see you wearing this. This would be ideal for entertaining the kids, too.

Inflatable T Rex Costumes

Inflatable Stay Puft Costume

If you remember watching the 1984 movie Ghostbusters, then you will remember this giant marshamallow man character that terrorised the streets! This costume is particularly ideal for 80s or Halloween dress-up. The price is a tad expensive, but you’ll stand out from the crowd, for sure!

Inflatable Jamaican Rasta Costume

The Jamaicans love to celebrate, and this idea is perfect for street carnivals, reggae music festivals, jerk festivals/events, or just an original costume idea. The price is pretty decent, too.

Inflatable Pumpkin Costume

While everyone else is trying to look as scary as possible, why not bring out the fun side of Halloween night with this fun pumpkin costume, which looks more smiley than scary. The price is reasonable, too.

Inflatable Tuxedo Groom Costume

This idea has a wide variety of uses, including stag dos, fun runs etc. You’ll certainly look big and smart, and the costume is made by AirSuits who have a good reputation.

Inflatable Mario or Luigi Costume

This costume made by Morphsuits is particularly suitable for for gaming conventions, or an 80s or 90s theme. Mario made his first appearance in the 1981 game Donkey Kong, and is recognised the world over. You’ll look super in this outfit.

Inflatable Bee Costume

You’ll get a real buzz out of wearing this outfit, which includes an antennae hat. This idea is ideal for a gardening or summery theme, and it’s also pretty unique. The costume is provided by Bodysocks on Amazon.

Inflatable Cow Costume

Inflatable Cow Costume for Adults

This amoosing costume is a nice choice for a farming, animal or dairy theme. The price is £28.99, and the costume includes a fan which will keep it inflated throughout the day. It’s udderly fantastic!

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